Bows – Magic and Giant Bows

Bows – Magic and Giant Bows

Magic bows are Packed 30 per box of one colour. You can also request an assorted box of each type.
Magic bows are available:

Metallic 19mm x 30 per box

9/0/2GOLD – Bow Magic Metallic 19mm Gold x 30
9/0/2SIL – Bow Magic Metallic 19mm Silver x 30
9/0/2RED – Bow Magic Metallic 19mm Red x 30
9/0/2AG – Bow Magic Metallic 19mm Antique Gold x 30
9/0/2BL – Bow Magic Metallic 19mm Black x 30
9/0/2EM – Bow Magic Metallic 19mm Emerald x 30
9/0/2RBL – Bow Magic Metallic 19mm Royal Blue x 30
9/0/2BR – Bow Magic Metallic 19mm Brown x 30
9/0/2TURQ – Bow Magic Metallic 19mm Turquoise x 30
9/0/2CER – Bow Magic Metallic 19mm Cerise x 30
9/0/2LP – Bow Magic Metallic 19mm Light Pink x 30
9/0/2RG – Bow Magic Metallic 19mm Rose Gold x 30
9/0/2CU – Bow Magic Metallic 19mm Copper x 30

 Metallic 31mm x 30 per box

9/0/182GOLD – Bow Magic Metallic 31mm Gold x 30
9/0/182SIL – Bow Magic Metallic 31mm Silver x 30
9/0/182RED – Bow Magic Metallic 31mm Red x 30
9/0/182RBL – Bow Magic Metallic 31mm Royal Blue x 30
9/0/182BR – Bow Magic Metallic 31mm Brown x 30
9/0/182CU – Bow Magic Metallic 31mm Copper x 30
9/0/182CER – Bow Magic Metallic 31mm Cerise x 30
9/0/182GR – Bow Magic Metallic 31mm Green x 30
9/0/182AST – Bow Magic Metallic 31mm Assorted Colours x 30

Metallic 50mm x 30 per box

9/0/183GOLD – Bow Magic Metallic 50mm Gold Xtra Large
9/0/183SIL – Bow Magic Metallic 50mm SIL Xtra Large
9/0/183RED – Bow Magic Metallic 50mm Red Xtra Large

Plain 19mm x 30 per box

9/0/1SIL – Bow Magic Plain 19mm Silver x 30
9/0/1RED – Bow Magic Plain 19mm Red x 30
9/0/1LG – Bow Magic Plain 19mm Gold x 30
9/0/1BL – Bow Magic Plain 19mm Black x 30
9/0/1EM – Bow Magic Plain 19mm Emerald x 30
9/0/1LBL – Bow Magic Plain 19mm Light Blue x 30
9/0/1BR – Bow Magic Plain 19mm Brown x 30
9/0/1TU – Bow Magic Plain 19mm Turquoise x 30
9/0/1CER – Bow Magic Plain 19mm Cerise x 30
9/0/1LP – Bow Magic Plain 19mm Light Pink x 30
9/0/1WH – Bow Magic Plain 19mm White x 30
9/0/1RBL – Bow Magic Plain 19mm Royal Blue x 30
9/0/1HG – Bow Magic Plain 19mm Hunters Green x 30
9/0/1NG – Bow Magic Plain 19mm Nile Green x 30
9/0/1OR – Bow Magic Plain 19mm Orange x 30
9/0/1ORCH – Bow Magic Plain 19mm Orchid x 30
9/0/1PU – Bow Magic Plain 19mm Purple x 30
9/0/1SAL – Bow Magic Plain 19mm Salmon x 30
9/0/1WINE – Bow Magic Plain 19mm Wine x 30
9/0/1AST – Bow Magic Plain 19mm Assorted Colours x 30

Pearl 19mm x 30 per box

9/0/105RED – Bow Magic Pearl Red 19mm x 30pp
9/0/105GOLD – Bow Magic Pearl Gold 19mm x 30pp
9/0/105OR – Bow Magic Pearl Orange 19mm x 30pp
9/0/105WH – Bow Magic Pearl White 19mm x 30pp
9/0/105LI – Bow Magic Pearl Lilac 19mm x 30pp
9/0/105LB – Bow Magic Pearl Light Blue 19mm x 30pp
9/0/105LIME – Bow Magic Pearl Lime 19mm x 30pp
9/0/105YEL – Bow Magic Pearl Yellow 19mm x 30pp
9/0/105RBL – Bow Magic Pearl Royal Blue 19mm x 30pp
9/0/105CER – Bow Magic Pearl Cerise 19mm x 30pp

Hologram 19mm x 30 per box

9/0/438AST – Bow Magic Hologram 19mm Assorted Colors x 30pp
9/0/438EM – Bow Magic Hologram 19mm Emerald x 30pp
9/0/438GOLD – Bow Magic Hologram 19mm Gold x 30pp
9/0/438LBL – Bow Magic Hologram 19mm Light Blue x 30pp
9/0/438PI – Bow Magic Hologram 19mm Pink x 30pp
9/0/438RED – Bow Magic Hologram 19mm Pink x 30pp
9/0/438RBL – Bow Magic Hologram 19mm Royal Blue x 30pp
9/0/438SIL – Bow Magic Hologram 19mm Silver x 30pp

2 colour 19mm x 30 per box

9/0/5AST – Bow Magic Poly 2 Cols 20mm Assorted Colors x 30pp
9/0/5GOLD – Bow Magic Poly 2 Cols 20mm Gold x 30pp
9/0/5PI – Bow Magic Poly 2 Cols 20mm Pink x 30pp
9/0/5LB – Bow Magic Poly 2 Cols 20mm  Light Blue x 30pp
9/0/5RED – Bow Magic Poly 2 Cols 20mm Red x 30pp

Mottled 20mm x 30 per box

9/0/7GOLD – Bow Magic Mottled 20mm Gold x 30pp
9/0/7GR – Bow Magic Mottled 20mm Green x 30pp
9/0/7LB – Bow Magic Mottled 20mm Light Blue x 30pp
9/0/7OR – Bow Magic Mottled 20mm Orange x 30pp
9/0/7PU – Bow Magic Mottled 20mm Purple x 30pp
9/0/7RED – Bow Magic Mottled 20mm Red x 30pp

and 30mm – widths

9/0/8AST – Bow Magic Mottled 30mm Assorted Colors x 30pp
9/0/8GOLD – Bow Magic Mottled 30mm Gold x 30pp
9/0/8OR – Bow Magic Mottled 30mm Orange x 30pp
9/0/8PU – Bow Magic Mottled 30mm Purple x 30pp

The Giant 220mm are packed 5 per packet and are available in Metallic and Plain colours.

9/0/891BL – Bow Giant Metallic 220mm Black x 5 pp
9/0/891CER – Bow Giant Metallic 220mm Cerise x 5 pp
9/0/891EM – Bow Giant Metallic 220mm Emerald x 5 pp
9/0/891GOLD – Bow Giant Metallic 220mm Gold x 5 pp
9/0/891LBL – Bow Giant Metallic 220mm Light Blue x 5 pp
9/0/891LP – Bow Giant Metallic 220mm Light Pink x 5 pp
9/0/891NILE – Bow Giant Metallic 220mm Nile Green x 5 pp
9/0/891PU – Bow Giant Metallic 220mm Purple x 5 pp
9/0/891RBL – Bow Giant Metallic 220mm Royal Blue x 5 pp
9/0/891RED – Bow Giant Metallic 220mm Red x 5 pp
9/0/891SIL – Bow Giant Metallic 220mm Silver x 5 pp
9/0/891TURQ – Bow Giant Metallic 220mm Turquoise x 5 pp

Bow Giant Plain 220mm x 5 per packet

9/0/890BL – Bow Giant Plain 220mm Black x 5p.p
9/0/890CER – Bow Giant Plain 220mm Cerise x 5p.p
9/0/890EM – Bow Giant Plain 220mm Emerald x 5p.p
9/0/890GOLD – Bow Giant Plain 220mm Gold x 5p.p
9/0/890LBL – Bow Giant Plain 220mm Light Blue x 5p.p
9/0/890LP – Bow Giant Plain 220mm Light Pink x 5p.p
9/0/890NILE – Bow Giant Plain 220mm Nile Green x 5p.p
9/0/890OR – Bow Giant Plain 220mm Orange x 5p.p
9/0/890ORCH – Bow Giant Plain 220mm Orchid x 5p.p
9/0/890PU – Bow Giant Plain 220mm Purple x 5p.p
9/0/890RBL – Bow Giant Plain 220mm Royal Blue x 5p.p
9/0/890RED – Bow Giant Plain 220mm Red x 5p.p
9/0/890SIL – Bow Giant Plain 220mm Silver x 5p.p
9/0/890TURQ – Bow Giant Plain 220mm Turquoise x 5p.p
9/0/890WH – Bow Giant Plain 220mm White x 5p.p
9/0/890Y – Bow Giant Plain 220mm Yellow x 5p.p

The Giant 350mm are packed 1 per packet and are available in Metallic and Plain colours

9/0/895BL – Bow Giant Metallic 350mm Black x 1
9/0/895CER – Bow Giant Metallic 350mm Cerise x 1
9/0/895EM – Bow Giant Metallic 350mm Emerald x 1
9/0/895GOLD – Bow Giant Metallic 350mm Gold x 1
9/0/895LBL – Bow Giant Metallic 350mm Light Blue x 1
9/0/895LP – Bow Giant Metallic 350mm Light Pink x 1
9/0/895NILE – Bow Giant Metallic 350mm Nile Green x 1
9/0/895PU – Bow Giant Metallic 350mm Purple x 1
9/0/895RED – Bow Giant Metallic 350mm Red x 1
9/0/895RBL – Bow Giant Metallic 350mm Royal Blue x 1
9/0/895SIL – Bow Giant Metallic 350mm Silver x 1
9/0/895TURQ – Bow Giant Metallic 350mm Turquoise x 1

Bow Giant Plain 350mm Black x 1

9/0/894BL – Bow Giant Plain 350mm Black x 1
9/0/894CER – Bow Giant Plain 350mm Cerise x 1
9/0/894EM – Bow Giant Plain 350mm Emerald x 1
9/0/894GOLD – Bow Giant Plain 350mm Gold x 1
9/0/894HG – Bow Giant Plain 350mm Hunters Green x 1
9/0/894LBL – Bow Giant Plain 350mm Light Blue x 1
9/0/894LP – Bow Giant Plain 350mm Light Pink x 1
9/0/894NILE – Bow Giant Plain 350mm Nile Green x 1
9/0/894OR – Bow Giant Plain 350mm Orange x 1
9/0/894ORCH – Bow Giant Plain 350mm Orchid x 1
9/0/894PU – Bow Giant Plain 350mm Purple x 1
9/0/894RED – Bow Giant Plain 350mm Red x 1
9/0/894RBL – Bow Giant Plain 350mm Royal Blue x 1
9/0/894SIL – Bow Giant Plain 350mm Silver x 1
9/0/894TURQ – Bow Giant Plain 350mm Turquoise x 1
9/0/894WH – Bow Giant Plain 350mm White x 1
9/0/894Y – Bow Giant Plain 350mm Yellow x 1